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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm GMT

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a "unique solution to a unique problem" — former prime minister sirjohn major calls for the house of commons to be given a vote on all brexit options. while labour calls for the prime minister to cut a deal for the uk to be closer to the eu or consider another referendum. a public vote has to be an option for labour, it has to be an option for labour, it has to be an option for labour. we'll also report from the irish border, hearing from those who stand to be most affected if there is no deal in place when britain leaves the eu. also on the programme... more than 60 people are killed and 70 injured after thieves target an oil pipeline in mexico with devastating consequences. the duke of edinburgh is back behind the wheeljust two days after he was involved in a serious car accident. and why where you live in england will influence the access good evening.
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former prime minister sirjohn major says the house of commons should be given a vote on all brexit options. sirjohn told the bbc allowing mps to indicate their preferred alternative to theresa may's deal, which mps rejected this week, might help break the deadlock. the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, has called on mrs may to cut a deal with the eu that keeps the uk close to it. he also warned that labour had to be ready to campaign for a fresh referendum. our political correspondent alex forsyth reports. when it comes to brexit, there are strong arguments on all sides but, as yet, no agreement.
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some think one way through would be a series of votes in parliament if she cannot deliver one that parliament accepts, then she needs to become a facilitator and mediator to find out what parliament will accept. i personally would hope she would put down a series of motions so that members of parliament can indicate their preference. in here there is deep division about what should happen now theresa may's plan for brexit has been emphatically rejected. one mp is trying to force the government to let parliament indicate its view with a series of non—binding votes. the key thing is to bring into play what has not been brought into play up to now and that is, does the house of commons have a view on the direction the government should now take? some mps are trying to seize control
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of this process from the government to give parliament the power to force a delay to brexit if no consensus can be reached. today, labour's shadow brexit secretary said a pause now seems inevitable and, if no agreement can be reached, that is what we are about. so far, the prime minister has been against that option in. her 93.1“. eel—qt; agreed—r against backtracking or delay.
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on monday, the prime minister must make a statement signalling her next steps but despite talk of compromise, it is not yet clear who is prepared to budge. alex forsyth, bbc news. but if the brexit deadlock isn't resolved, there are fewer than 70 days to go until the uk is set to leave the eu on march 29th. northern ireland and the republic of ireland stand to be most affected if there is no deal in place. 0ur correspondent emma vardy has spoken to people living along the irish border. the brexit deadline is fast approaching. it is the main conversation, you know, what it is going to mean to different businesses. people are still on edge because they cannot see what the outcome is going to be. when this near invisible land border becomes the uk's new frontier with the eu,
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communities on one side will be in a different regime to the other. this road is split - the middle by. border. this road is split - the middle by . border. after brexit you by the border. after brexit you would be outside the eu and i would be inside it. the so—called backstop has been the biggest roadblock. it. ie the glen. thet meg leeee " to avoid new checks on this border. it is opposed by many brexiteers at westminster and northern ireland's democratic unionist party, but supported by many people living around here. when-are when - are a third country, there are checks that have to occur at an external border and the backstop meant those checks would occur elsewhere. there has been promises by both the british and irish governments that this border will be kept as open as it is today, but until there is a clear agreement in westminster, many people here believe a no—deal brexit is now
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a real possibility. south of the border, in the republic of ireland, they are watching developments closely. ireland says it will not impose a ha rd blow ireland says it will not impose a hard blow order, the uk says it would, do you believe them? -- hard border. there has to be the clarification of import tariffs. border. there has to be the clarification of import tariffsm could happen by default. it is the default position and it is up to parliament to come up with an alternative. with time running out, the coming days at westminster may bring a defining moment for this island. emma vardy, bbc news, carlingford. in the last hour, president trump has put forward a number of proposals to break the shutdown in the us government. these include $800 million for humanitarian relief as part of a package to secure billions of dollars to build a wall on the mexican border. at least 66 people have been killed and more than 70 injured in a huge
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explosion at a leaking oil pipeline in central mexico. it's thought the pipe — north of mexico city — was breached deliberately by thieves trying to steal fuel. richard galpin has the details. his report does contain with this huge fire enveloping the area, people screamed for help but many didn't make it. there were lots of people around. with fuel spurting out of a pipe which had been deliberately ruptured beitdeeeegs;t:,. there are currently fuel shortages in the country. despite the danger, soldiers
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at the scene allegedly did nothing to warn people. translation: i believe that these lives would've been saved if the soldiers had done theirjobs to remove people and not let them get close. they did nothing. they were there in groups, but they never said, "get away, because it could cause an explosion." a policy of mexico's new president, lopez obrador, is causing the acute fuel shortages. he has ordered that key pipelines be shut down until they can be properly protected from thieves that frequently tap into the country's fuel supplies. and this devastating fire is not going to change the policy, which means the large loss of life here may be followed by other deadly incidents. richard galpin, bbc news. the duke of edinburgh has been seen driving again, just two days after he was involved in a serious accident.
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prince philip, who's 97, was seen by several photographers entering the queen's sandringham estate in his new car from the public highway. on thursday he was involved in a dramatic car crash on a nearby road where his vehicle overturned. our royal correspondent, jonny dymond, joins me now. and more details are emerging tonight? more details every hour as we go on. one of the women who was in the car that was struck in the collision has been identified and she has given an interview to a sunday paper. emma fairweather is 45 years old, she had her wrist broken in the collision. she was on the passenger side of the kia. she is apparently still very upset about the accident, unsurprisingly, and says that the palace has not been in touch. the palace has not been in touch. the palace did say it had been in touch with both the driver and the passenger yesterday. as you say, the
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duke has been seen back behind the wheel on the sandringham estate which might surprise some but others will say he has every right to do so andi will say he has every right to do so and i understand he took a police eye test today and passed it. thank you. an 18—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder ofjaden moodie. the iii—year—old, was knocked off a moped and stabbed to death in east london earlier thie n‘mtl' '. police made the arrest in wembley thiemtrrrr'rn; police—infinarthern—ireland sag... ., . . ., . . ,. a suspected car bomb has exploded in londonderry this evening. the blast is reported to have happened on castle street near the courthouse. there are no reports of any injuries but police have sealed off a number of streets. a bbc analysis suggests a shocking variation in access to gps across england. the findings show some doctors are struggling with three times as many patients as their equivalents elsewhere. the royal college of gps says it's the result of years of underinvestment. richard lister has more. a naming
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- - 7. ...7. e e - of doctors to patients is onlyjust below average, getting an appointment can be hard. the absolute minimum i've been able to get one is a month. i had one last year and it must have taken five or six months until they could fit me in. my granddaughter needed an emergency appointment. couldn't get one. this bbc survey reveals that some gps in england have almost three times more patients than others. the darker the area, the worse the problem. the average gp in england has around 1700 patients but look how it varies. rushcliffe in nottinghamshire has fewer than 1200 patients for every gp but in swale in kent, each gp has more than 3300 patients to deal with. this difference is quite shocking to be honest with you. it suggests to me there are areas of the country that are really struggling to get sufficient numbers of gps to deliver the care
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that their patients need. the nhs wants to get an additional 5000 gps into practice. far more are being trained than a decade ago but the royal college of gps says there are still 6000 short and surgeries are under pressure. we are still struggling to get enough gps to fill in the posts. we are having to rely a lot on locums. there are some places that keep advertising and get nobody. it is a nice area but we still can't get people to come in and do the work. places with fewer elderly people and children may need fewer gps but the variation in cover raises questions about how resources are being allocated. richard lister, bbc news. today poland bid farewell to pawel adamowicz, the liberal mayor of gdansk who was stabbed on stage at a charity event last sunday. police say about 16,000 people turned out for a funeral mass. large screens set up around the city, relayed the service. he'd led the city for 20 years. the comedy actor’w'rnijstrrflevies
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major in the bbc comedy ‘it ain't half hot mum', has died at the age of 88. now, lovely boys, you all know how to present arms, even you mr danny windsor davies said he modelled the rote, whichsawhim bulty members of an army concert party in wartime india, on characters he met during national service. with all the sport now, here's lizzie greenwood—hughes at the bbc sport centre. hello, good evening. we're starting with football — match of the day and sportscene in scotlandfollowti‘reflews-l what happened, you need to avert your attention now. liverpool are seven points clear at the top of the premier league after coming from a goal down to beat crystal palace 4—3.
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celtic are still on course for an historic treble — through to the last 16 of the scottish cup. but the shock of the round was in ayreshire where the part—timers achenlick talbot knocked out ayr united from the championship. law student craig mccracken scoring the only goal of the game. great britain's doubles tennis players are going strong at the australian open with jamie murray one of four players still in the tournament. today's singles action though ended with a mixed day for the williams sisters and a place in the last 16 for world number one novak djokovic, going for a record seventh title in melbourne. jo currie reports. the site of a champion is not always about the result but sometimes the manner in which they win. dayana yastremska was not even born in 1999, the year serena williams won
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her first 1999, the year serena williams won herfirst grand 1999, the year serena williams won her first grand slam. 1999, the year serena williams won herfirst grand slam. and the 1999, the year serena williams won her first grand slam. and the first meeting between them will not be remembered for the match which was overin remembered for the match which was over injust over remembered for the match which was over in just over an remembered for the match which was over injust over an hour, as williams's experience and power proved too much for the ukrainian teenager. it might be remembered for this, williams showing her opponent a compassionate side rarely witnessed in her uncompromising game. she was walking towards the net and i could tell she was quite upset, it showed she was notjust there to play a good match but she was there to win. she wanted to win. it broke my heart. next up for serena in the last 16, the clash everybody wants to see as she takes on simona halep, the world number one setting up the tie by giving the other williams sister, venus, the runaround, dismissing her in straight sets. the men's number one seed is also true of the novak djokovic saw rising star denis shapovalov. the 19—year—old canadian tried the spectacular but needed more than that to get past the wimbledon champion who is in ruthless form heading into the second week. beating glasgow in the champions cup
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and making sure of home tie in the quarter—finals. ulster went through today as one of the best second placed teams in their pool, battling back from 13—0 down at leicester to win 14—13. it's the first time in five years ulster have reached the knock out stages. that's it from me, but there's much more on the bbc sport website including netball‘s quad series where england surprisingly lost to south africa and the latest from the masters snooker. but for now. there is much more on the bbc news channel. that is all from me and the team. good night. brighter skies for some now, lovely boys, you all know how
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to present arms, don't you? even new, mr lardy da, danny graham, with your university education, is not too stupid to do that, is you. we are rather inclined to do
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